FRITZ! news - Complete home networking – AVM at CeBIT 2013

FRITZ! news

2013 AVM's focus at CeBIT is on its latest innovations for better performance and higher speed with DSL, broadband cable Internet, LTE and wireless LAN. Join us in celebrating spectacular wireless speed and considerably greater range for your home network.

New technologies like WLAN AC, vectoring, bonding, link aggregation and live TV are among this year’s CeBIT highlights at the AVM stand, opening up a whole spectrum of extra features for communication and home networking.

Live recording from CeBIT 2013

The new VDSL top model: FRITZ!Box 7490

With the new WLAN standard AC and vectoring technology, FRITZ!Box 7490, the new top model for VDSL, offers higher speeds both for wireless LAN transmission and directly over the VDSL line.

The top-of-the line equipment of the 7490 includes four gigabit LAN and two USB 3.0 ports, featuring the extremely powerful dual wireless LAN with speeds of up to 1,300 Mbit/s.

The new ADSL classics: FRITZ!Box 7272 and 3272

The popular FRITZ!Box models 7270 and 3270 have found worthy successors: The new FRITZ!Box 7272 boasts the familiar wealth of interfaces and new, powerful technology. It supports all ADSL lines including those for IP-based telephony.

The FRITZ!Box 3272 focuses on high performance, implementing 450-Mbit/s wireless LAN. It is perfect for pure data traffic, while the 7272 integrates a telephone system as well.

FRITZ!Box 6490: Higher-speed cable

At the CeBIT 2013, AVM presented the new FRITZ!Box flagship for cable connections, FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable. The FRITZ!Box impresses with a wealth of functions.

And thanks to 24x8 link aggregation, the new FRITZ!Box is also armed for tomorrow's accelerated cable transmission speeds.

New FRITZ!Apps for more convenience and security

A set of new FRITZ!Apps makes home networking with the FRITZ!Box even easier: For instance, the new FRITZ!App WLAN keeps an eye on the home network’s wireless LAN. It displays useful details about the wireless LAN connection on any Android smartphone integrated in the network.

The FRITZ!App Cam, debuting at the CeBIT, lets your Android smartphone or tablet double as a webcam at home.

New FRITZ!OS available for all current FRITZ!Box models

Now the free FRITZ!OS 5.50 upgrade is available for all current German FRITZ!Box models, offering 100 enhancements and new functions. These include the addition of Smart Home components to the FRITZ!Box.

With the upgrade it is easier to manage calls and contacts. And the three services MyFRITZ!, FRITZ!NAS and now can be accessed with a single login.