FRITZ! news - AVM with new FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable at Anga Com

FRITZ! news

AVM with new FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable at Anga Com

At this year’s Anga Com, AVM will be presenting its new flagship FRITZ!Box for cable connections, the FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable. This FRITZ!Box provides users with convenient high-speed Internet access and telephony via cable connections. In terms of home networking, data is transferred with WLAN ac at 1,300 Mbit/s (5 GHz) and WLAN N at 450 Mbit/s (2.4 GHz). Thanks to 24 x 8 channel bonding, it is perfectly equipped to handle future speed increases for cable connections. Additional features include four gigabit Ethernet ports for optimum home networking using LAN cables, not to mention two USB ports. With the new FRITZ!Box, smartphones and tablets receive the cable TV channels directly via WLAN/IP. A built-in telephone system for analog, ISDN, DECT and IP phones guarantees optimum convenience when it comes to making and receiving calls, and support for smart home applications and FRITZ!Apps rounds of the array of features.

Users with cable connections can now enjoy live TV via WLAN/IP, and high speeds

The new live TV technology from AVM for upcoming FRITZ!Box Cable models makes it possible to watch TV throughout the home network. Emanating from the cable TV connection, the DVB-C TV signal is emitted throughout the home network via WLAN, LAN and Powerline using Internet Protocol (IP). TV programs are therefore available live on smartphones, tablets, notebooks and computer. All unencrypted digital channels in the cable network, including HD channels, can be received: electronic program guides (EPGs) are transmitted along with teletext, alternative audio channels and subtitles. The data is transferred in MPEG format within the home network. As cable providers no longer encrypt content, this new live TV technology opens up new possibilities in terms of IP TV in home networks with FRITZ!Box Cable.

FRITZ!OS 5.50: an array of functions for cable connections

The new FRITZ!OS software upgrade adds the Smart Home dimension to the possibilities offered by the FRITZ!Box. In conjunction with the upcoming FRITZ!DECT 200 and FRITZ!Powerline 546E intelligent sockets, it not only allows users to conveniently manage electrical devices, but also measure and optimize energy consumption – whether via their computer, tablet, smartphone or FRITZ!Fon. With FRITZ!OS 5.50, users can decide to set up a single login for all FRITZ!Box services, e.g. MyFRITZ! and FRITZ!NAS. The FRITZ!Fon cordless phone now boasts a media player and can be used as a remote control for all networked devices, with calls and contacts easier to manage thanks to the upgrade. With the free FRITZ!OS 5.50 upgrade, AVM has provided more than 100 enhancements and features for its current FRITZ!Box models. For the FRITZ!Box 6360 Cable, 6340 Cable and 6320 Cable, the update will be made available by the user’s cable provider.