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“Safer Internet Day”

The second day of the second week of the second month has traditionally been dedicated to Internet security. This year the Internet community is focusing once again on the aspect of online security.

Today a variety of dangers have become routine for web surfers: Trojans, viruses, worms and phishing, to name a few. The experienced user minimizes these risks by taking appropriate protective measures. For more information, see the concrete tips presented in our Security area on

Safeguards for children and adolescents in the Web

Yet children and adolescents are exposed to different dangers. On one hand, parents welcome and encourage their children to learn to use this important medium; on the other, they worry that their inexperience could lead them to surf to pages with illegal and/or harmful contents.

The “Safer Internet Programme”

The "Safer Internet Programme" of the European Commission is committed to this subject: It aims to empower and protect children and adolescent surfers by providing tools to guide them safely through the Web. A variety of initiatives are designed to achieve this objective, by raising young users’ awareness of illegal content and fighting to restrict access to such sites:

Child and adolescent protection at AVM

For AVM, as a manufacturer of Internet access technology, dealing with this complex of issues has yielded concrete, practical results: the child protection integrated by default into the latest models of the popular FRITZ!Box series.

Blocking and releasing Web sites with child protection

The child protection feature offers guardians a convenient way of defining which web pages can be accessed by their children. They can do so on the basis of the list put together by Germany’s Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM), using a non-exhaustive blacklist, or based on a white list of sites especially suitable for young surfers. If the white list is used – many suggested standards are available online – only the pages included on the list can be accessed.

This way it is easy for FRITZ!Box users to influence which contents their children can surf to in the Web. In addition, individual times for each day of the week can be defined during which children can go online from their own computers. So parents also have convenient method for limiting the time their children spend surfing.

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The European Commission initiated the “Safer Internet Programme” to protect children and teens in the Web:

Insafe is a network of Awareness Centers implementing the European Commission project to “empower citizens to use the internet, as well as other online technologies, positively, safely and effectively.”

INHOPE coordinates a network of Internet Hotlines all over the world, supporting them in responding to reports of illegal content to make the Internet safer. For the latest information and brochures concerning the subject, go to: