FRITZ! news - IPv6 Day 2012: End of trial phase – Launch of permanent deployment

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IPv6 Day 2012: End of trial phase – Launch of permanent deployment

On 6 June 2012 the Internet Society is inviting everyone to join in "World IPv6 Launch Day". On this day many website providers and companies are enabling the IPv6 Internet protocol. In contrast to the "test flight" initiated on IPv6 Day 2011, this time IPv6 is to remain permanently enabled. The major Internet service providers Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo have already signed on, and many are sure to follow. Around 1,000 companies have pledged to participate in this year's IPv6 Day.

IPv6 long since reality for AVM

AVM products have supported IPv6 for over three years already. The latest firmware of all the current FRITZ!Box models is ready for IPv6. And the website has been permanently accessible over IPv6 for over a year now.

IPv6 with FRITZ!Box: DS Lite and Dual Stack also supported

For a seamless transition, IPv6 and IPv4 can be operated in parallel (dual stack) with the FRITZ!Box, both in the network (WLAN/LAN) and in the Internet. The new DS Lite standard is supported as well, to enable IPv4 connections in pure IPv6 networks. This allows IPv4 remote sites to be reached in the Internet even if the FRITZ!Box is connected to the Internet only over IPv6. If your operating systems are up to date, no configuration is required to use IPv6 with the FRITZ!Box.

IPv4 addresses are scarce

A fast switch from IPv4 to IPv6 is becoming ever more urgent, since the last free blocks of IPv4 addresses were assigned last February. Launching IPv6 will make a practically unlimited number of addresses available (approximately 340 sextillion).