FRITZ! news - FRITZ!OS: new Firmware for FRITZ!Box

FRITZ! news

The new FRITZ!OS firmware for the FRITZ!Box offers numerous new home networking, WLAN and telephony features free of charge. Are you using a smartphone or tablet? If so, enjoy further optimization in the way these devices interact with the FRITZ!Box. The new FRITZ!OS is now available to download free of charge for all users of FRITZ!Box 7390, 7360 and 7340, with additional FRITZ!Box models to follow.

To transfer the new FRITZ!OS firmware onto your FRITZ!Box, all you have to do is enter “” into your Web browser. Once the user interface opens, simply select “Update Firmware” from the “Wizards” menu to get your FRITZ!Box up to date in no time at all.

Here is an overview of the most important FRITZ!OS innovations:

MyFRITZ! – the cloud you can trust

Do you want to be able to access data saved at home and the FRITZ!Box interface from on the go? And always have the very latest information?

With MyFRITZ!, you can benefit from simple and secure access to your data via the FRITZ!Box from anywhere in the world, regardless of whether you use a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. This “personal cloud service” ensures that all of your personal data is secure at home either on a flash drive connected to your FRITZ!Box or on a hard drive.

Wake on LAN via the Internet

The Wake on LAN function is now easier to use via the Internet. The computer, NAS or server automatically exit standby mode once they receive the first data packet.

Computers can therefore carry out planned backups or be booted up from afar for the purposes of remote access. In the same way, servers can be set to activate certain processes at certain times.

Sharing access via WLAN

Have you moved house and don’t yet have a DSL connection? Or is your connection currently not available? And are you lucky enough to have a helpful neighbor?

With your FRITZ!Box, you can share the Internet connection of another wireless router of your choice via WLAN. Simply use your neighbor’s router temporarily to connect to the Internet.

Guest access via LAN

It was already possible to give your visitors their own password-protected FRITZ!Box user account.

This feature is now also available for LAN and provides even more flexibility, with your own network remaining safe from unwanted access.

WLAN telephony

Would you like to make calls with your smartphone at home via your FRITZ!Box? With FRITZ!App Fon, you can conveniently connect your smartphone to the FRITZ!Box via WLAN.

These calls are now prioritized in the wireless network and conversations are transmitted without delay in the best-possible quality.

Watch your line

Keep an eye on the quality of your Internet connection – even when you’re not at home. The FRITZ!Box provides users with a graphic overview of data rates and the quality of their Internet connection via push e-mail on a daily or weekly basis.

Would you also like to know the address at which your FRITZ!Box can be reached while you’re out and about? On request, you’ll receive the current IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for your FRITZ!Box by e-mail.

Name your FRITZ!Box

Make your network even easier to manage by naming your FRITZ!Box. You’ll then see this name in the home network display, media server, user interface and SSID of the WLAN.

New features for FRITZ!Fon

The new FRITZ!Fon start-up screen displays an overview of the number and type of new messages. Incoming calls are now displayed in an extra large font for better legibility.

You can also look forward to a large selection of preset Internet radio stations and new DECT ringtones optimized for FRITZ!Fon.

Overview of the home network

The user interface of the FRITZ!Box now displays a clear list of all active users and guests in the home network. Devices that you can access in the home network via http are now available with just a click.

In the network overview, you can see all the devices that are currently online along with their details, not to mention information about Powerline adapters.