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AVM products and the new Windows 8

It’s official – the new Windows operating system is now available. We have good news for all FRITZ!Box users who would like to use Windows 8: because the FRITZ!Box works independently of the operating system, it also allows computers, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 to conveniently connect to the home network and Internet.

All the key functions are available

When it comes to a whole host of functions, both Windows 8 and the FRITZ!Box rely on network standards used by all manufacturers.

As a result, FRITZ!Box’s additional functions can also be used with Windows 8 applications without any problems, so you can continue using your FRITZ!Box as usual, while benefiting from the following functions:

  • Simple WLAN registration at the push of a button via WPS
  • FRITZ!Box access via the browser (simply enter “”)
  • Windows 8 Media Player recognizes the FRITZ!Box media server and the music, movies and pictures saved in FRITZ!NAS can easily be accessed
  • A printer connected to the FRITZ!Box via USB can also be used as a wireless network printer with Windows 8
  • We even thought of the Windows TAPI drivers of the FRITZ!Box for professional users who want to use Windows telephony applications

Additional AVM products are supported

Both the FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick and FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick N are compatible with Windows 8, offering convenient, automatic installation. And the popular AVM products often used in conjunction with the FRITZ!Box to expand the home network – such as FRITZ!WLAN Repeater and FRITZ!Powerline – work with all network devices and operating systems, so you can continue to use them with Windows 8.

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