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Peace of mind with WPS for the FRITZ!Box

Reports of vulnerability related to WPS are currently appearing in the media. The models of the FRITZ!Box family are not affected by this, as they do not feature continuously activated WPS.

WPS only active while connection is established

In order to connect the FRITZ!Box to another WLAN device, the user has to temporarily activate WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) – this can be done using either the WPS button or the FRITZ!Box user interface. A secure connection can then be established within two minutes.

WPS disabled automatically after connecting

Once the connection has been successfully established or the two minutes have elapsed, the WPS function on the FRITZ!Box is once again automatically deactivated. If multiple devices simultaneously attempt to establish a WPS connection, WPS is immediately deactivated, preventing any external access to the FRITZ!Box.

WPS makes it simple to establish a secure WLAN connection

WPS, the standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, serves to simplify the setup of an encrypted wireless home network. This method makes it much easier to add new devices to an existing WLAN, relieving the user of the often burdensome task of entering a complex encryption code.

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