FRITZ! news - Now available: the big upgrade for FRITZ!Box 7270 and 7390

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Now available: the big upgrade for FRITZ!Box 7270 and 7390

FRITZ!Box users enjoy the repeated benefits of free updates that can significantly expand the feature set of their devices. After the new firmware for the FRITZ!Box 7270, now an extensive upgrade for the FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390 is officially available for download. Perfectly timed for the hottest part of the year, the new firmware brings improvements in the areas of child protection, telephony and IPv6.

Simply start the update via the user interface of your FRITZ!Box.

Improved child protection with new functions

Until now, the child protection function helped you to specify and monitor defined online times. But now for the first time, the new firmware update makes it possible to selectively block specific websites or the ports of Internet applications (blacklist). It also enables you to limit Internet access to defined websites only (whitelist). This means you can increase your online safety in just a few clicks.

The child protection function also covers any device connected to your FRITZ!Box so that online access via game consoles or smartphones is protected too. Naturally you can also define individual filter settings for various different network devices.

Ready for the future: FRITZ!Box already supports IPv6

FRITZ!Box already supports the new IPv6 Internet Protocol. Existing services such as peer-to-peer, VPN and video conferencing are more convenient with IPv6, while numerous new applications are significantly easier to use.

During the transitional phase to the new technology, Dual Stack Lite will also be supported. This enables IPv4 addresses to be reached via a pure IPv6 connection. You can now enjoy the transition to the new technology in perfect confidence.

Greater range for DECT telephones: FRITZ!Box is now a DECT repeater

With the help of the new firmware, the FRITZ!Box 7390 and 7270 (v3) models can also serve as DECT repeaters. All connections are securely encrypted and you can still use the additional functions such as HD telephony, web radio, e-mail and podcasts. So increase the range of your cordless phones with a single click and continue to benefit from all the familiar features.

FRITZ!App Fon makes connecting to your home network even easier

Smartphones are now incredibly widespread. The FRITZ!App Fon allows you to reap the benefits of your FRITZ!Box with your iPhone or Android phone. You can enjoy convenient access to your FRITZ!Box phonebook or make calls in HD quality. And connecting up has never been easier. After entering your FRITZ!Box password, FRITZ!App Fon automatically logs into your FRITZ!Box and enables you to access its telephony and other features.

FRITZ!Fon – now with multi-language interface

With the current summer upgrade, the menu of a FRITZ!Fon connected to the FRITZ!Box can now be displayed in French, Italian and Spanish as well as English and German. The FRITZ!Fon automatically adopts the language setting from the FRITZ!Box interface. In order to change languages on a telephone that has already been installed, an update must be performed on the FRITZ!Fon MT-F.

Move to other FRITZ!Box models with ease

Moving from one FRITZ!Box to another just became even easier. The FRITZ!Box automatically compiles all the required settings for the transfer such as Internet access data. You can also individually select which additional settings should be transferred. This could include the phonebook or information related to push services and port forwarding. The transfer now just takes a few minutes and no complicated configuration is necessary. Simply connect up, transfer the data and you’re ready to start surfing the web and making calls – installing a router has never been simpler.

The fast track to your summer upgrade

The direct route to the upgrade is the automatic update search in the FRITZ!Box user interface. Simply type “” into your browser window and search for new firmware via “Settings / Advanced Settings / System / Firmware Update”. Then start the update.