FRITZ! news - Major upgrade for FRITZ!Box available online now

FRITZ! news

Major upgrade for FRITZ!Box available online now

Major free upgrade for the FRITZ!Box 7270 is now available. The new firmware includes numerous new wireless, IPv6 and telephony features.

Faster, more intuitive than ever: The FRITZ!Box user interface

Faster and more intuitive: The FRITZ!Box user interface has been redesigned and now offers even more information at a glance. The clearly structured homepage provides users with direct access to important information about their FRITZ!Box, such as energy consumption, last caller, network storage and current online status. In addition, the home network overview tells you which users are currently surfing on your network.

New wireless features: Guest access, spectrum analysis and improved sleep mode

With the newly integrated wireless guest access, users can allow visitors to browse the web on their own Wi-Fi network. Wireless guest access and password encryption are quick and easy to configure.

The new WLAN spectrum analysis optimizes the channel selection of the FRITZ!Box, automatically avoiding not only neighboring wireless networks but now baby monitors and video bridges as well. This ensures optimum transmission quality, range and throughput on your wireless network.

Of course the energy-saving features of the FRITZ!Box have been improved as well. Now the FRITZ!Box's WLAN sleep mode can be personalized to match your needs even better–work days and weekends can be treated differently, for example.

Exciting new telephony features

With the FRITZ Fon MT-F, for example, users can add their own photo to frequently used entries in the telephone book. In addition users can also select a custom background image that is displayed in stand-by mode on this handset.

After updating the FRITZ!Fon MT-F and MT-D models, not only can you display received e-mails but you can answer them too. Simply enter the text on the handset keypad the same way you write an SMS.

FRITZ!App Fon with FRITZ!Box phone book and call list

FRITZ!App benefits from new features too: Now you can access the FRITZ!Box call list and phone book from your smart phone. Configuration has been made even simpler. FRITZ!App Fon installation now takes place on the smart phone using a convenient automatic wizard.

FRITZ!Box ready for the future with IPv6 Internet access

The update adds full support for IPv6, the future Internet protocol version, to the FRITZ!Box. FRITZ!Box also works with IPv6-enabled providers and supports native IPv6 over PPP. FRITZ!Box home network services such as NAS, print server, firewall, or DHCP server can also be used with IPv6
Simple download: Just enter “” in your browser
The direct route to the new functions is the automatic update search in the FRITZ!Box user interface. Just type "" in your browser window and go to "Settings" and "System" to search for new firmware. Then click “Start Firmware Update”. The new functions are available for download immediately.