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FRITZ!Box protects your network and your children

If you want to allow Christmas visitors access to the Internet without having to give them access to your entire home network, it’s easy to set up guest WLAN access via your FRITZ!Box. Parents who would like to give their children a games console, computer or cell phone for Christmas, but who are worried about how much time they spend online and what they play, can find a solution from AVM with the FRITZ!Box’s very own parental control software.

WLAN guest access enables visitors to access the Internet

Current FRITZ!Box models feature integrated WLAN guest access, which enables visitors to surf the Internet. This means that it is very straightforward for friends and family to go online with their laptops, smartphones or tablets. At the same time, all your important data and network devices are protected against unauthorized access.

Password and security settings for ideal protection

Guess access is very easy to set up and can be encrypted with its own password. This means that your own WLAN password is kept secret because guest access is separate from the home network. You also have the option of limiting the amount of time WLAN users spend online. Guests are also protected by the FRITZ!Box’s tried-and-tested security features, as well as with secure WLAN encryption.

FRITZ!Box parental control software: keep an eye on your children’s behavior online

With FRITZ!Box’s parental control software, parents can monitor the amount of time their children spend online each day of the week by allowing access at specific times. In addition to these specific time slots, they can also keep an eye on the sites their children access and restrict access to certain pages. This applies to websites featuring content unsuitable for children as well as file-sharing networks such as BitTorrent.

Personalized settings for each device in the network

A blacklist can include as many websites as you wish. Appropriate and highly suitable websites can be saved on a ‘Safe’ list and these will then be the only websites available for access. The filters can be adapted for various network devices such as computers and games consoles.

Free updates for FRITZ!Box owners

Parental control software and WLAN guest access are elements of the current firmware on many FRITZ!Box models. If you already own a FRITZ!Box, you should check whether the latest firmware has been installed. After entering “” in the address bar of your Internet browser, you will be able to access the FRITZ!Box overview page.