FRITZ! news - Enjoy a carefree summer with FRITZ!

FRITZ! news

Enjoy a carefree summer with FRITZ!

The FRITZ!Box boasts numerous highlights that are ideal for vacationers and sun worshippers. Depending on the model, features such as call filters, and message and fax forwarding couldn’t be any easier to activate, so you can enjoy the summer and relax at home or on vacation without missing any important messages. AVM also offers other products like the FRITZ!Fon MT-F and FRITZ!WLAN Repeater with features that are sure to make this summer that much sweeter.

Call filters and Do Not Disturb for hours of relaxation

Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip or spending your evening out on the terrace, the FRITZ!Box call filters can be set to only allow specified numbers through. All other incoming calls can be forwarded to the integrated answering machine or simply blocked. If you want to enjoy some down time or rest without any interruptions, you can also specify a time frame for peace and quiet.

Call forwarding for a carefree vacation

Now you can have calls to your home landline forwarded to another number such as a cell phone or hotel, so important business contacts and friends can reach you even when you’re on the go or on vacation. Just go to the FRITZ!Box phone menu at to make missing important calls a thing of the past.

The FRITZ!Fon keeps you both informed and entertained

The FRITZ!Fon MT-F is the perfect companion for FRITZ!Box models with integrated DECT base stations and even allows you to receive and read emails without having to turn on the computer. You can also use the cordless phone to play audio files like music or podcasts. So the next time you’re barbecuing in the garden, you won’t miss a call or email and can be entertained at the same time.

Receiving messages and faxes via email

FRITZ!Box models with an integrated answering machine can be set to forward voice messages as a WAV file via email. Because the audio files can be played on a laptop or smartphone, you can immediately see when you have a voice message and decide when to listen to it. Your FRITZ!Box can also send you incoming faxes as a PDF file via email.

Surfing fun in the garden and on the patio

Thanks to AVM’s free FRITZ!App Fon, it couldn’t be easier or more secure to connect your smartphone to the home network. Now you can use your cell phone to conveniently access the phonebook of the FRITZ!Box or talk on the phone in HD via the Internet from the balcony or patio. If the WLAN signal is too weak to reach the garden or patio, you can expand the range of your WLAN network in just a few seconds with the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater. And thanks to the music and radio functions of the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater N/G, you can even listen to your favorite summer tunes.