FRITZ! news - AVM gets involved at World IPv6 Day

FRITZ! news

AVM gets involved at World IPv6 Day

The Internet Society organization has announced a global initiative for the new Internet standard IPv6, to be held on June 8. The aim of the 24-hour initiative is to get Internet providers, hardware manufacturers and website operators ready for the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

Transition urgently required

A quick transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is becoming more and more urgent, as the last available IPv4 address blocks were allocated in February of this year. With the introduction of the new IPv6 protocol, a virtually unlimited number of addresses will be available (approximately 340 sextillion).

IPv6 with FRITZ!Box

AVM has already been supporting IPv6 for over two years and has even been demonstrating the reliability of the FRITZ!Box in conjunction with the new standard. For instance, AVM has been collaborating with 7,000 IPv6 customers of the Dutch Internet provider XS4ALL. The new protocol is being thoroughly tested in combination with FRITZ!Box and a whole host of providers. In this way, AVM has already managed to gain extensive experience with the IPv6 protocol.

IPv6 for greater freedom in home networks

With IPv6, AVM customers also benefit from the technological advantages of the new protocol. As an IPv6 customer, a user is assigned not only an individual IP address for the entire network by their Internet provider, but also a whole sub-network comprising a number of public IP addresses. Existing services such as P2P, VPN and video conferencing are made easier and IPv6 also facilitates a wide range of new applications, including Smart Grid.