FRITZ! news - Another judgement on the Cybits case

FRITZ! news

Another judgement on the Cybits case

Another judgement on the Cybits case has been delivered by the Berlin District Court. According to this judgement, Cybits AG must prevent its Surf-Sitter DSL software from interfering with the FRITZ!Box such that erroneous displays about the Internet connection and about child protection settings appear on the FRITZ!Box user interface.

Reminder: Without informing the user, the existing DSL and Internet connections, the firewall and the child protection settings of the FRITZ!Box were removed by means of this software. Functions that worked before its installation, like IPTV and VPN, were suddenly no longer available.

In its decision on the principal proceedings, the Berlin District Court referred to competition law. Copyright and trademark law were not deciding factors. The reasons for the judgement will follow shortly. In principle, AVM feels its position has been confirmed, as distribution of the Surf-Sitter DSL software in the current form that affects the FRITZ!Box continues to be prohibited.

As AVM expected, the judgement yields no changes to the GPL. AVM will continue its work in the open-source area unabated and without modifications, and continue to offer sustained support for all serious developments.