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14 Jul 2020

Vodafone to switch off network-based voicemail

On November 1 2020, Vodafone is discontinuing its network-based voicemail for landline. Here's what FRITZ!Box users need to know.

FRITZ!Box has a built-in answering machine

If you're already using your FRITZ!Box's integrated answering machine, you don't need to do anything else, as it works independently of your provider and stores call recordings locally on your FRITZ!Box.

If you haven't yet activated the answering machine in your FRITZ!Box, this can be done with one click in the user interface. Detailed instructions can be found in our Knowledge Base.

More options and features

Whether you're already using the FRITZ!Box's built-in answering machine or are looking to make the switch: it's worth taking a look at its snazzy additional features. For example, you can receive and play voicemail messages on the go using the MyFRITZ! app, and you can also download and send them as email attachments.

Speaking of email: You can also get emails of your missed calls and new answering machine recordings. Up to five answering machines/voicemail boxes can be set up in the FRITZ!Box and activated on a time-controlled basis. Check out our guide article for more on configuring answering machines in the FRITZ!Box.