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01 Aug 2018

Router freedom in Germany - two years of innovation

On August 1st 2016 ISP locking was abolished by law in Germany, allowing users to choose the router they want for their internet connection, be it DSL, cable, fiber optic or LTE. Benefits for customers include a greater of selection of kit to choose from, with more features, better performance and greater security.

Which router?

Router freedom means you can choose whichever terminal device or router you want, one that might offer you better performance or greater security. Other benefits incldude new, innovative features such as faster Wi-Fi, parental controls, or gaming functions.

Router freedom laws also apply to cable networks, meaning you can choose the router you want, and don't have to use the one provided by your ISP or operator.

Which FRITZ!Box is the right one for you? Check out our handy overview of the key features of each FRITZ!Box.

Always up-to-date with FRITZ!

As well as being free to choose the router you want, you can also benefit from the latest FRITZ! updates. The latest FRITZ!OS or the FRITZ! Lab beta program, with include improved features and security, are also more widely available thanks to router freedom. You can even turn on automatic software updates if desired.