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05 Apr 2016

Short notes - Update for iOS: FRITZ!App Fon 3.1.0 available

Short notes

Update for iOS: FRITZ!App Fon 3.1.0 available

Apple users can now enjoy the perks of the latest FRITZ!App Fon update 3.1.0. It comes with two innovations as well as improvements and is already available in the App store.

With the update you can copy phone numbers from the context menu, the call list or telephone book entries into the device's cache and paste them to wherever you like. Also, it's now possible to choose, if you want to make calls over your mobile communication network or the FRITZ!Box.

The version 3.1.0 further allows to find saved contacts by entering their number, which offers more flexibility when searching. The second improvement focuses on your protection, since a better authenticity check by the FRITZ!Box provides for increased security.

The latest version for Apple devices can be downloaded here. Other than that, you'll find more information on how to export your contacts from your smartphone and transfer them to the FRITZ!Box in our Guide section.