Short Notes - TR-069: One protocol with many advantages

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TR-069: One protocol with many advantages

FRITZ!Box offers a multitude of functions so that all users can enjoy the same level of convenience during operation. In addition to the graphic interface in the browser, which offers many settings options for users with technical expertise, additional functions are provided by the TR-069 protocol.

Simplified operation

TR-069 was implemented in order to enable secure communication between the terminal device and the Internet provider. It makes it easier for providers to support users, especially those with less technical expertise.

Easier configuration of terminal devices

For the provider it is easier to set up the configuration required in its own network remotely via TR-069, instead of sending a technician or requiring the user to perform this task. When TR-069 is enabled the provider can restore the original settings to the terminal device, install firmware upgrades, and react immediately to security breaches – without the user having to take any action.

Direct support on the part of the provider

The FRITZ!Box communicates with the Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) of the given provider via TR-069. If support is required, a member of the technical staff can use this protocol to remotely query the status of the connection, evaluate log files and adjust the configuration as needed. In this way disruptions to router operation can be resolved much more quickly.

Option for switching off in FRITZ!OS 6.20

If your Internet provider uses TR-069, under Internet/Account Information/Provider Services in FRITZ!OS you can define various levels for how your device should use TR-069. Please note that this option may not be available when the FRITZ!Box is supplied by the provider as a rental device.

Strict security mechanisms

In TR-069 strict security mechanisms are implemented to guarantee protected communication between the FRITZ!Box and the ACS. The TR-069 standard specifies encryption of communication with https. The authenticity of the server is checked using a digital certificate, similar to the ones used for online banking. A special mechanism in the FRITZ!Box ensures that account information stored in the device cannot be read out via TR-069. 

The automatic update function offered by AVM for FRITZ!OS versions 6.20 and higher works independently of TR-069.

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