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27 Apr 2017

Stiftung Warentest: FRITZ!Boxes declared test winners

In its current issue 5/2017, Stiftung Warentest – Germany's leading consumer magazine – is presenting the results of its major router test. The editors took a close look at eleven models for DSL and cable: FRITZ!Box won in both categories.

"The best routers are by AVM"

The FRITZ!Box 7580 took the throne with a score of 1.6, topping eight other devices. Stiftung Warentest judges: "The FRITZ!Box 7580 is the best choice for DSL customers." Its "very good" performance convinced the testers in no less than four categories:

  • Security
  • Telephony
  • Handling
  • Versatility and additional functions

In terms of data transmission the FRITZ!Box 7580 earns points with very good "speed and range via WiFi (5 GHz)", achieving the top grade in the category "Internet speed during download and upload."

Only one provider device received the grade "very good" in the security category: FRITZ!Box 7560

The FRITZ!Box 7560 also won in the guise of the 1&1 Homeserver Speed. In the above mentioned categories it also received a "very good" rating, just as it did for "speed via LAN" and "Internet speed during download." This resulted in an overall score of 1.7, for a solid second place finish. The device in third place was far behind with a grade of 2.2.

Clear test winner: FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable

"The challenge between retail and provider device ends with a clear win for the retail device." Stiftung Warentest enjoyed the broad array of functions including an answering machine, VPN connectivity for user access from outside, and a separate wireless network for guests. The possibility to stream cable TV throughout the home network on tablets and the like was especially praised. In the end the 6490 Cable received a grade of 1.8.

Just like the other models, the FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable achieved very good results in the categories security, telephony, handling, and in versatility and additional functions. The testers also verified top rates for LAN speed as well as during downloads and uploads.

"Multi-talents instead of bread-and-butter devices"

More functions make for greater convenience – that's why the editors explicitly praise the device's variety. This includes a comprehensive telephone system, media server and wireless guest access. Other functions mentioned by the Stiftung Warentest and how to take advantage of them can be found in this overview. Secure data transfer and protection from unauthorized access are essential to all FRITZ!Box functions. That's why the "very good" security rating, which was only awarded to the AVM products in the test, is a special honor.

By the way, AVM was just defending its title: in the last test (issue 8/2014) the FRITZ!Box 7490 and 7272 led the ranking. You can find the corresponding article here.