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18 Jul 2016

Awards - FRITZ!Box 7490 voted best hardware by providers


FRITZ!Box 7490 voted best hardware by providers

The umbrella association of Great Britain's providers (ISPA) has voted the FRITZ!Box 7490 as the best hardware for their customers. The prestigious ISPA Award was awarded during a gala event attended by 65 companies and NGOs as well as prominent members of Parliament, representatives of the government and media. Among the eleven members of the jury were famous journalists and leading players from the Internet industry in the United Kingdom.

Explaining why they had selected the FRITZ!Box as the best hardware for customers (CPE hardware), the jury said: "The FRITZ!Box can be used for a broad spectrum of applications. The rich array of functions along with corresponding smartphone apps give customers full control, which was key to winning in this new category."

Compliments by Secretary-General of the ISPA

Nick Lansman, Secretary-General of the ISPA, said: "My compliments to all winners of the 18th ISPA Awards. This year the winners once more represent the variety, innovation and competitiveness of the British Internet industry."

The Internet Services Providers Association (ISPA UK) is the voice of the British Internet industry when it comes to government, parliament, regulation authority, media and public issues. You can find a list of all members and other information about the ISPA at or via the Twitter page @ISPAUK.