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16 Oct 2014

Awards - Double victory for FRITZ!Powerline 1000E


Double victory for FRITZ!Powerline 1000E

The German computer journals Chip and PC Games Hardware have tested the new powerline adapter with the fast HomePlug-AV2 standard. FRITZ!Powerline 1000E held up to the competition, winning both tests by a landslide.

Chip: "the fastest adapter in our test"

Edition 11/2014 of Chip features a comparative test with six different powerline adapter in test scenarios as realistic as possible. In terms of speed FRITZ!Powerline 1000E outperformed "the other devices by an average of more than 50 percent." Its strengths were particularly significant for "greater distances, a different phase conductor and source of interference." These outstanding values made for a clear test victory.

PC Games Hardware: "Versatile market leader"

In the current issue 11/2014 of PC Games Hardware, the 1000E is compared with three other powerline sets. "Due to high performance, the software, and the good collaboration with the FRITZ!Boxes, the 1000E is at the top of our field." Worth special mention is its consumption, which remains low despite high performance. The 1000E earns first place with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

PC Games Hardware takes a closer look at 500-Mbit/s powerline adapters as well. Editors' tip: "If you can't decide between WiFi and powerline, the FRITZ!Powerline 540E Set is your product of choice."

FRITZ!Powerline 1000E is coming soon to international markets.