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27 Sep 2014

Awards - AVM victorious in "Der Goldene Computer" Readers' Choice


AVM victorious in "Der Goldene Computer" Readers' Choice

AVM repeated last year's victory at the Goldene Computer ceremony: Readers of the German media Computer Bild, Computer Bild Spiele, Audio Video Foto Bild and voted AVM first in the "eHome" category.

By a wide margin

Eight manufacturers of smart devices and solutions were nominated in the "eHome" category. AVM won by a wide margin, collecting nearly 50 of the votes. The German entertainer Barbara Schöneberger and the editor-in-chief of ComputerBild presented the award at a ceremony on the eve of IFA 2014.

The readers decide

In this election 10,000 readers voted on their favorites from the areas of IT and technology in general. Only the will of the readers counts – no other factors are considered. And the readers, just like last year, put their trust in AVM.

Smart FRITZ! products with remote features

The FRITZ!Box can be deployed along with FRITZ!DECT 200 or FRITZ!Powerline 546E to work as a Smart Home hub. And installation and operation are so simple!

The free apps from AVM open up other possibilities: For instance, use FRITZ!App Cam to keep an eye on your home when you're out. And with the free MyFRITZ! service you can access your FRITZ!Box at home and any USB storage media connected with it no matter where you are. The MyFRITZ!App provides not only for protected access to documents, music and videos with your smartphone and tablet, but for the control and operation of your Smart Home devices as well.