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IPv6 award for AVM

At the ECP-EPN Annual Congress of the Netherlands Information Society AVM was distinguished with the IPv6 Task Force 2011 award. This prize recognizes companies, institutions and individuals that have rendered outstanding contributions to IPv6 by awarding them 15,000 euros. As intended by the jury, AVM will donate this amount to support IPv6 projects.

AVM’s passionate commitment

In awarding the prize to the communication specialists from Berlin, the jury stated: “AVM stands out for its passionate commitment in the area of IPv6. Years ago AVM recognized how important IPv6 would become and began designing products for end users. This is why AVM has taken a leading role in providing solutions for the transition to IPv6.” Accordingly, all current FRITZ!Box models already support the new Internet protocol.

A strong partner in the Netherlands: XS4ALL

AVM’s product solutions have been compatible with IPv6 for two years already. In cooperation with its partner XS4ALL, AVM has succeeded in establishing these products on the Dutch market. XS4ALL is the largest European IPv6 provider for private customers. The IPv6 Task Force award is a clear signal for both AVM and XS4ALL that they are on the right track with IPv6.

IPv6 provides for enough IP addresses

The Internet protocol currently used most frequently, IPv4, is rapidly reaching its limits, with nearly all of the 4.3 billion unique addresses it provides already exhausted. Introducing the new IPv6 protocol means that a practically infinite number of addresses can be assigned (ca. 340 sextillion).

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