Info on FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310

The update file "FRITZ.Repeater.xx.xx.image" on contains the latest FRITZ!OS (Firmware) for the FRITZ!Repeater 310.

Attention: This update file is only intended for use with FRITZ!Repeater 310! Please follow the instructions at the end of this file to install the update.

Product:    FRITZ!Repeater 310

Version:        FRITZ!OS 7.12

Language:       English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Release date: 14/08/2019

New Features:

  • WiFi Mesh Steering: devices (e.g.: smartphones or computers) are automatically connected to the best WiFi Mesh Repeater (Access Point Steering)

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 07.12


  • Change Device names of FRITZ!OS devices in the Mesh are adopted from the Mesh Master as push service sender names
  • Improved Display of important information regarding the status of all FRITZ!OS product in mesh
  • Improved Information on Mesh proved in the FRITZ!Box push service mail
  • Improved New message in event log on wireless devices that were reregistered because of Mesh steering
  • Improved Notification of mesh activation at the end of the initial set up process
  • Improved Notice on Mesh Overview about FRITZ!Repeaters or FRITZ!Powerline devices that can still be integrated into the Mesh
  • Improved The name assigned to a Mesh Repeater in the Mesh or Network Overview is applied as its "Repeater name". The user interface of the Mesh Repeater can then be accessed with http://assigned_name
  • Fixed Distribution of wireless LAN settings in the Mesh erroneous in rare situations


  • Fixed In some cases some devices in guest wifi cannot receive an ip adress


  • Improved The wireless radio network table of known wireless devices was reworked
  • Change For wireless devices in the radio network, the property 802.11k displayed only when the scope of performance is sufficient (beacon report)
  • Change New report in event log on problems with "protected logins from wireless devices (PMF)"
  • Change The radio channel settings option for automatic steering of wireless devices now also offers Mesh WiFi steering
  • Fixed Line breaks on the captive portal for the wireless guest access were not saved
  • Fixed "Wireless LAN coexistence" option now works reliably again (2.4 GHz)
  • Fixed Wireless LAN settings (channel, wireless standard, etc.) no longer selectable when disabled


  • Improved User interface permanently saves the desired sorting of a table by column
  • Fixed Update via FRITZ!OS image can fail if a ipv6 connection to the FRITZ!Repeater has been established


  • Change Support of outdated TLS 1.0 standard to secure FRITZ!OS services in the server role switched off
  • Change Length of DH parameter extended to 2048 bit for FRITZ!OS services in the server role
  • Change WEP is no longer supported

Enabling the Mesh Function

To check whether a FRITZ! product is enabled for Mesh, see the Mesh Overview of the FRITZ!Box (the Mesh Master) under " -> Home Network -> Mesh". Here the products in the Mesh are designated with a corresponding "Mesh active" symbol.

A FRITZ!WLAN Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline Adapter with FRITZ!OS 6.90 or higher installed can be enabled for Mesh in various ways:

  • If the product has the ex works settings configured and is being connected with the FRITZ!Box for the first time, it will be automatically enabled for Mesh.
  • If the product is already connected, but not enabled for Mesh, it is added to the Mesh by pressing a button on the product to be integrated and a button on the FRITZ!Box. On the FRITZ!Box, use the button that initiates WPS (depending on the model, press the "Connect" or "WPS" button briefly, or the "WLAN/WPS button for 6 seconds)

If you've received the second FRITZ!Box from your internet provider this feature may not work in some cases. Please configurate this FRITZ!Box as a mesh repeater by visit the FRITZ!Box GUI manually. Instructions for configuring a FRITZ!Box connected via wireless LAN as a Mesh Repeater are presented at

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