for an intelligent wireless network

With the steep rise in Internet use and many big data applications like media streaming in HD, access to cloud services and central storage in the home network, the demand for fast wireless connections is growing. Often several people are online at the same time – via tablet, smartphone, game console or smart TV. Media streaming, online gaming and other applications are only really fun with a fast flow of data and no delays.

Why Multi-User MIMO? With the new MU-MIMO the number of data streams that can be handled depends on the wireless router. The router distributes data streams to various devices as needed – and does so concurrently. The FRITZ!Boxes 7590 and 7580 can transmit up to four wireless data streams in parallel to up to four terminal devices in the WiFi network.

This way you can use the maximum bandwidth available on the PC, smartphone and game console simultaneously depending on your current data needs. As soon as a device no longer requires data, the cards are reshuffled. The result: Higher data throughput and fewer delays in the wireless network than with conventional Single-User MIMO.
Single-User MIMO A router with SU-MIMO provides the network devices with data one after the other. This means the speed achievable in the wireless network is reduced when multiple devices are in use.
Multi-User MIMO The concurrent transmission of multiple data streams by MU-MIMO means that any streams remaining can be used in parallel for other devices. Wireless LAN capacity is exploited to its fullest, resulting in fewer delays:
More speed for all wireless devices With the smart new technology your home network players benefit from higher data throughput rates. The latest routers with single-user MIMO already handle an impressive 1.3 Gbit/s. With the new MU-MIMO in the FRITZ!Boxes 7590 and 7580 you can now expand your home network expressway to up to 1.7 Gbit/s.

When devices with MU-MIMo and SU-MIMO are used together, all participants in the wireless network benefit from the improved exploitation of the available resources. In contrast, the many devices with one or two antennas can receive only one or two data streams consecutively in a pure SU-MIMO environment. The other streams remain unused in such scenarios.
More potential for all members of the home network If your whole family is online at the same time with their tablets, smartphones, PCs and even smart TV, data-intensive applications like video and music streaming or gaming will now be even more fun: You can benefit from the full potential of your home network devices without annoying interruptions.
Wireless devices with MU-MIMO Many current wireless devices like smartphones, tablets, and wireless adapters for PCs already support the new MU-MIMO technology. These include, for instance, the SAMSUNG Galaxy S7, notebooks from ACER and MSI (Aspire E series, Killer 1535 series) and many more. If the notebook or PC is not MU-MIMO compliant, the FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430 MU-MIMO can bring it up to speed. A FRITZ!Box with the latest technology is a solid investment for intelligent wireless networking at home and in the office.
The most important advantages of MU-MIMO Higher data throughput: The FRITZ!Box models 7590 and 7580 provide up to four devices with data concurrently. This significantly raises the possible data throughput in the wireless network of the FRITZ!Box.

A home network four times more efficient: Even the devices that do not support MU-MIMO benefit from concurrent data transmission, as the capacity of the wireless LAN is used more efficiently and waiting times are reduced for all devices.