Migration of SMB version, NTLMv1 not supported

With the current Lab, the SMB protocol used to access NAS releases will be migrated to version 3.

Please migrate your devices with which you want to access FRITZ!NAS via SMB, to SMBv3 if necessary. If you are using devices that only support SMBv1, you can reactivate support for this version via the FRITZ!Box user interface under Home -> USB/Storage.

The authentication procedure NTLMv1, which is obsolete, is no longer supported in the course of the migration.

Using SMBv3 on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs

 New installations of Windows 10 have been using SMBv3 and NTLMv2 ex works since the end of 2017.
  After updating to the FRITZ! Lab, you can disable support for SMBv1 by choosing "Enable or disable Windows features" -> "Support for SMB 1.0/CIFS file sharing".

Apple devices with MacOS Catalina (version 10.15 or later) also use SMBv3 ex works.

On Linux PCs, it may be necessary to manually configure the use of SMBv3/2.
 To do this, add the following lines to the configuration file "etc/samba/smb.conf" in the "Global Settings" area:

 client min protocol = SMB2
 client max protocol = SMB3

Network drives that have been set up can no longer be used after the update.

The migration in the access procedure may make it necessary for existing network drives to be set up again.

New system events

If access to FRITZ!NAS contents via SMB does not work after installing the FRITZ! Lab, you can get an indication of the reason in the system events of the FRITZ!Box, e.g. incorrect user name/password, user with missing NAS rights or access with a device that only supports SMBv1 or NTLMv1.