Extend Your WiFi with Mesh

The next big thing – already available with FRITZ! Wireless LAN at home is the best! But it's not so great when reception is weak in some rooms. The solution in this case is called mesh networking. The brand new technology is currently a major topic in home networking. The good news is that you already have mesh networking at home with FRITZ!
Mesh networking – what does this really mean? Sometimes a single wireless network is not strong enough for the entire home. Reception can be slower or suffer dropouts in some rooms. Mesh networking does the following: multiple devices generate multiple wireless networks, which are combined to form a single, meshed network. Conveniently, the entire WiFi shares only one name and password.

With mesh networking it is easy to enjoy high speeds while surfing, streaming video or gaming – seamless even in the remotest corners of every room.
Wireless LAN from S to XL Mesh networking lets you expand your home network to the size you need it:

small to medium-size apartments on one floor

medium-size apartments/houses on one to two floors

or more: large apartments/houses with multiple stories

FRITZ! + FRITZ! = Mesh The hub of the mesh network is always your FRITZ!Box. If you like, it's easy to add more devices:
FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters provide for even greater range.
FRITZ!Powerline devices supporting WiFi use the electrical wiring as an additional data freeway.

The devices synchronize automatically – you don't have to do a thing.
Mesh has a lot to offer.

Band steering

Wireless devices with dual band support automatically connect to the less frequented wireless band.

Crossband repeating

Always uses the wireless band offering the fastest connection for FRITZ!WLAN Repeater.

IPTV and optimized streaming

Provides for video and music pleasure without interruptions around the clock.


Antennas transmit directly towards the terminal devices – offering even greater range and speed.

Everything in sight and managed with a few clicks. A mesh network graphic has been added to the home network overview, showing which FRITZ! devices are active and which are connected to your smartphone, tablet, notebook or gaming console.
You want to offer your guests fast Internet, but keep it securely separated from your home network? With the FRITZ!Hotspot all it takes is a click. You can also deactivate your WiFi automatically overnight for all FRITZ! devices.

Mesh networking overview

Keep track of all connected devices.


Invite your guests to surf.


Switch wireless LAN on or off automatically.

Parental controls

Limit the online time for each device or block certain sites.

How do I set up Mesh? All you need to do is plug in the additional FRITZ!WLAN Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline adapter to configure your new mesh network. Everything's connected at the touch of a button – it's that easy!

Even updating is easy and convenient: Once there's an update available, it can be installed directly from the home network overview.

For more information check out our Mesh FAQs.
Want to try Mesh at your home or office? Download the new FRITZ!OS 7 today and try our Mesh network for your home or office. FRITZ!OS 7 will gradually be made available for all FRITZ!Box listed on our website.

"AVM's approach of expanding its existing infrastructure to add mesh networking is interesting. Hardware users will especially benefit from significantly lower costs."

"With the update AVM offers strong competition for Google WiFi and the like. Another advantage is that since FritzBox routers are already used in many homes, it could get difficult for more expensive mesh devices..."

"Builds a stable mesh network: Fritzbox leaves Google in the dust."

"An advantage for AVM. With Germany's extremely popular Fritz!Box, the manufacturer has a device in its portfolio that is both modem and router, so there's no need to set up another box."