FRITZ!DECT 500 system requirements

To use the FRITZ!DECT 500 you'll need a FRITZ!Box with DECT functionality plus FRITZ!OS 7.20 or later (exceptions: FRITZ!Box 7560 and 7430). Versions / Lab versions of FRITZ!OS starting with 7.19 also work with the FRITZ!DECT 500.

The FRITZ!DECT 500 does not support the repeater function of the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100. The LED light must be in the reception area of the FRITZ!Box.

Once FRITZ!OS 7.20 is released for your FRITZ!Box model, please download and use this. After updating your FRITZ!Box to FRITZ!OS 7.20, please reconnect the FRITZ!DECT 500 to the FRITZ!Box.

If you've tried using FRITZ!DECT 500 with an older version of FRITZ!OS, disconnect the LED lamp from the FRITZ!Box before trying again with FRITZ!OS 7.20.

Available FRITZ!OS versions

Current release versions of FRITZ!OS 7.20 (or later) are available for the following FRITZ!Box models:

  • FRITZ!Box 7590, 7583, 7580, 7530 AX, 7530, 7490
  • FRITZ!Box 6591 Cable, 6590 Cable, 6660 Cable, 6490 Cable
  • FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE, 6850 LTE
  • FRITZ!Box 5530 Fiber