Legal Notice: FRITZ!Apps

This legal notice is also available in German and Italian.

Handling of Personalized Data

In FRITZ!Apps, the personalized data of the contacts available on the device are used only within the FRITZ!App to fulfill the functions offered there. These personalized data will not be passed on to AVM nor to any third parties. Personalized data include names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Cloud Messaging

After they have been configured on a FRITZ!Box, FRITZ!Apps automatically use this function to be notified by the FRITZ!Box about new events. This communication takes place from the FRITZ!Box via AVM directly to the notification service for Android devices provided by Google or for iOS devices provided by Apple via the battery conserving transmission deployed in many apps. Private data like telephone numbers and names are encrypted end to end, meaning that they are deciphered only for your FRITZ!Box and the apps registered with it.

Anonymized Statistics

To improve the functionality, user friendliness and security of your FRITZ!Apps, AVM receives certain information about the use of your FRITZ!Apps. For this purpose FRITZ!Apps use Google Analytics and Fabric, web analysis services by Google, and App Analytics by Apple, which transmit anonymized information about FRITZ!App usage and any errors which may occur. No information relating to you will be transmitted. In case of errors, precise details about register codes and device information are sent in order to facilitate maintenance of the FRITZ!Apps. We recommend leaving the option "Support AVM and send anonymized statistics" enabled in the data protection settings of FRITZ!Apps. You may reject to the recording of this anonymized data and their processing by disabling this option at any time. The generated information are sent in anonymized form to a Google or Apple server and saved there. On this basis the usage of the app will be analyzed and listed in aggregated and anonymized reports for AVM regarding app activities. If required by law, or if third parties process the data on Google's or Apple's behalf, Google or Apple will transmit these data to third parties where necessary. In no case Google will link your IP address with other data saved by Google. For more information, see (general information on Google Analytics and data privacy) and at The Google Analytics Option "anonymizeIp" is used in FRITZ!Apps  to guarantee the anonymized recording of IP addresses (also known as IP masking).

Use of Camera and Microphone

If you use the microphone or the camera of your smartphone for certain FRITZ!Apps, such as for audio transmission, or to record a photograph or video, the contents will be used only in the app; for transmissions over networks (for instance, by telephone) directly into your home network or via the Internet, your data will not be transmitted to AVM.