Privacy policy

Data protection information

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously, especially when you contact us via the Internet. Therefore we make every effort not only to present you with a comprehensive website, but also to safeguard your right to the privacy of your personal data and guarantee the protection of your privacy. The legal foundations for this are provided by the Federal Data Protection Law (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz - BDSG) and the Telemedia Act (Telemediengesetz - TMG).

Handling of personalized data

To the greatest degree possible, the disclosure of personalized data is left to your discretion. Personalized data include your name, your address, your e-mail address and your telephone number. Please note that a limited number of such data may be required, for instance, to process any business requests. If you provide us with personalized data we will use these only for the purpose of processing your request. We will not sell, loan or in any other way pass on your personalized data to third parties outside the AVM group. You can demand information about the data saved about you or request their deletion at any time.

Data encryption

We work with data networks that are protected by firewalls. Our generally accessible online platform provides for data transmission without encryption. On our access-protected AVM partner pages, the transmission of personalized data, for instance as part of your registration or a change to your personalized data, takes place over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). This entails 128-bit encryption. SSL is one of the most secure and common methods on the web.

Use of cookies

We use what are known as cookies when you visit our web site. Cookies are small text modules that are saved to your computer to allow us to tailor our website to your interests. The information recorded for our use by cookies is anonymous and cannot be traced back to any individual. These data do not include your name, your address, your telephone number or your e-mail address. You can disable the use of cookies in your browser settings at any time. However, if you do so you may not be able to access the entire range of our web site functions.

Tracking with Piwik

We use the Piwik tracking tool when you visit our web pages. Piwik allows us to compile real time user profiles and statistics using pseudonyms. Such profiles include information about the search machines, search terms and languages used, the visitors' countries of origin, the browsers and plug-ins used, the referrers, duration of the visits, entry points, exit points, percentage of viewers who abort their visit, and their IP addresses. When the IP address is stored the final two bytes are masked, so that your IP address is saved in an abbreviated, anonymous form. No other software or services are used to bring the data collected during the Piwik analysis together with any other of your user data (to the extent that these are submitted). The Piwik log files are deleted automatically after 30 days.

Here, you can deactivate the tracking on and its other international websites.

The Use of cookies for online campaigns

Some third-party providers also use the Adform advertising server to record the number of visitors to certain contents of our web pages during online campaigns. This software also uses cookies, but in this case they record only the technical devices rather than concrete persons.

Link tracking in the AVM Newsletter

Links in the newsletter contain individual strings. They make it possible to record the use of the newsletter by the individual recipients (link tracking). While it is possible to collect personalized information with this method, the AVM newsletter does not make use of this option. The only data recorded are non-personalized information about how often our e-mail newsletters are opened, which links in the newsletter are clicked on, and how often.

We reserve the right to amend this Confidentiality Policy at any time in accordance with the relevant data protection laws.

Legal notice


AVM Computersysteme Vertriebs GmbH continually checks and updates the information provided on these web pages. Despite our most diligent efforts it can occur that data presented here have changed in the mean time. Therefore AVM cannot guarantee that the information made available here is accurate, complete or up to date. No liability is assumed for damages that arise directly or indirectly from the use of these web pages, unless they are attributable to intent or gross negligence, or if liability is stipulated by compulsory statutory regulations.


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Note on technical IP rights with standard relevance

To the extent that our products are directly or indirectly using technical IP rights, which teachings are a mandatory or optional part of an international technical standard – e.g. in the field of telecommunication – we herewith explicitly declare our willingness to accept a license offer based on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory conditions, unless the acts of use committed by us and/or our customers are already covered by a license agreement of one of our suppliers or otherwise and no rights were exhausted.

External links

According to general law, as the content provider for its own contents, AVM is responsible for the contents provided for use. These own contents are to be distinguished from the links to contents made available by other providers. The link is a way for AVM to make "foreign contents" available for use. AVM is responsible for these contents only if AVM has positive knowledge of them (i.e. and of any unlawful or criminal content) and if it is technically possible and reasonable to expect AVM to prevent their use.

The links, however, always constitute "living" (dynamic) references. AVM checked the foreign content the first time it was linked, in order to clear the company of any possible civil or criminal liability. However, according to law AVM is not obligated to constantly check the contents to which it provides links on its web pages for changes that could provide a new basis for liability. Should AVM discover, or be informed by others, that a concrete web page to which AVM provided a link entails civil or criminal liability, then it will remove the link, insofar as it is technically possible and reasonable to do so.

AVM reserves the right at any time to change the information provided, in part or in full, or to add to it or remove it.