The smartphone as an extension to the landline network

Don't want to miss any incoming calls or voice messages on your landline phone? No problem with FRITZ!. Set up FRITZ!App Fon on your smartphone and you'll have access to your home network at all times, right in your pocket. Make calls in HD, access your smartphone and FRITZ!Box  contacts and listen to messages on your answering machine, no matter where you are.

Practical and useful

Neber miss notifications about important calls again just because you're not at home: FRITZ!Box forwards telephone logs directly to your smartphone via the app. This means you're always up to date and can react to the situation accordingly. Listen to the answering machine message about your canceled appointment, even when you're already out the door. This saves you time, nerves and effort.

All contacts in one directory

Another advantage: You can access the contacts saved in the FRITZ!Box as well as the ones on your smartphone. This means you can view all important information at any time, and do not have to stop to remember which contact is saved on which device. You can also import the telephone list on the smartphone to the FRITZ!Box to make one list out of two.


Downloading the FRITZ!App Fon for your Android or Apple smartphone is easy and free of charge. The app is configured in the FRITZ!Box menu. It then syncs with the FRITZ!Box and the settings are saved on the smartphone. Expand your options and increase your flexibility – with the FRITZ!App Fon on your smartphone.