Telephone book: up-to-date contacts, whenever and wherever

Edit your contacts wherever you want, without having to worry about syncing data. Changes to your online telephone books will automatically be synchronized with the one on your FRITZ!Box.

And the choice is yours: you can assign a telephone book to each individual FRITZ!Fon or use one telephone book with multiple FRITZ!Fon devices.

Sync your contacts

Simply sync your email contacts, such as Gmail, and your FRITZ!Box's online telephone book will automatically be synced with the one from your email account on a regular basis.

A shared telephone book or one for every FRITZ!Fon

If you’re using multiple FRITZ!Fon devices, you can allocate them individual telephone books. Alternatively, you can create a shared telephone book for multiple devices.

Connected once – always up to date

Changes to contacts on your FRITZ!Fon and therefore on your FRITZ!Box are transferred directly to your online provider. And any changes made in your email account will, of course, be transferred to your home FRITZ!Fon.

Configured in a few steps

You can learn how to use an email account's contacts in these step by step instructions in the Knowledge Base.