The advantages of the FRITZ! home network at a glance

1. Existing wireless devices can be used further without any configuration

You already have wireless devices configured in your home and are expanding the wireless network? Just continue to use any wireless devices that are have already been registered. No new configuration is required.

2. A single shared wireless network for all devices

Your home network answers to a name. This is known as the SSID and applies to all devices from the smartphone, to the laptop to the game console, and FRITZ! products adopt it automatically.

It's even shared by the wireless guest access, or FRITZ!Hotspot.

3. Central updates of FRITZ! products

In the FRITZ!Box user interface, it takes just one click to update your FRITZ! products like wireless repeaters and powerline adapters. If you like, it can also be done automatically.

All devices are always up to date, and can be secured conveniently with a single shared user name and password.

4. More than just WiFi

Take advantage of the many connection options and peripherals offered by FRITZ!. These include fast connections with LAN or powerline. Or make telephone calls with DECT. Up to six cordless telephones can be registered on a FRITZ!Box with an integrated DECT base station. Enjoy telephone calls in HD quality - all conversations are securely encrypted ex works.

5. Always the fastest connection

Thanks to support for the latest technologies like crossband repeating and Multi-User MIMO, your devices are always connected everywhere in the home at the highest speeds possible.