Super WiFi in the entire home network

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The FRITZ!Box provides your devices with a fast wireless network, which you can easily expand as needed with other FRITZ! products. This way you have high-speed WiFi throughout the home network.

One wireless network for all devices

Demands on wireless networks are growing: Ever more devices in the home are used concurrently to play video, music and downloads, or simply to surf the web. Via a shared wireless network, FRITZ! products distribute everything fast and easily to devices like smartphones and tablets. In the FRITZ! home network videos are judder-free, telephone calls are always in maximum quality, and surfing is just plain fun.

One button: that's all

WiFi everywhere! No matter how many walls, no matter how far away: Nothing stops FRITZ! with its tailor-made solutions instead of rigid WiFi packages off the shelf. With FRITZ! everyone can enjoy fast, stable WiFi. All FRITZ! products, be they wireless repeaters or powerline, can be integrated into the existing home network with the FRITZ!Box at the push of button. The necessary settings are adopted automatically.

Central updates of FRITZ! products

You're always on the safe side with FRITZ!. Automatic updates and continual further developments make FRITZ!OS fast and flexible.

The advantages of the FRITZ! home network at a glance

Everything in the FRITZ! home network is designed to be unbelievably fast and to work easily. This includes wireless technologies and data prioritization. Read more about the unique advantages of the FRITZ! home network.

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