Using the FRITZ!Box NAS function

Store your data centrally on a NAS (Network Attached Storage) where it can be accessed by all network devices. Most of the FRITZ!Box models support this function, too: Connect the external hard drive or USB stick to the USB port and integrate the drive in the home network. This way you can access your data fast and easily, and stream media content to smart TVs, computers or mobile devices. With FRITZ!NAS you benefit from the advantages of central network storage without having to procure your own system.

Easy configuration and administration

The menu command for configuring network storage is located on the browser-based user interface of your FRITZ!Box. Create user profiles as well and assign each of them individualized rights. Decide which users are allowed to watch films, and which ones can also store their own data.

Click here for complete instructions on configuring the NAS function.

Media streaming in the home network

If you have stored music, video or image files on the NAS, you can stream them to the appropriate playback devices in the local network. The only prerequisite is that the playback device supports the UPnP-AV standard. Access the data from network storage by media streaming and spare yourself the tedious task of moving films and music. Use FRITZ!NAS to improve convenience in the home network.

Click here for instructions on how to configure the FRITZ!Box for media streaming.

Backup option

Create a copy of your important data and save it on your network drive. If a technical defect should occur you will be less dependent and have an additional backup at your disposal. Saving data on network storage is also a sensible and economic alternative in cases where multiple users have to access the same data at the same time.

FRITZ! Clip – The FRITZ!Box as a network storage medium

Find out more about FRITZ!Box NAS functions in this FRITZ! Clip and discover how to access the memory and set up users and passwords.