SAT>IP — what is it?

IPTV on a "classic" TV set

SAT>IP is a technology that converts satellite TV signals to IP (internet protocol) and distributes them in the home network. The idea is that TVs with an integrated SAT>IP client can be used without a TV receiver of their own. But you can also benefit from this technology if your television connection is at the other end of the room, and you're not particularly keen on the idea of having cables all over your living room.

The technology was originally developed for transmitting satellite TV into home networks, but it also functions with every digital TV connection - as well as with DVB-C, which is used at cable connections. However, the name SAT>IP (also known as SAT-IP) has stuck.

The FRITZ!Box works as a SAT>IP server

The FRITZ!Box 6490 Cable and FRITZ!Box 6590 Cable allocate TV channels in the home network so that they can be accessed by any device. The television channels can be accessed via the FRITZ!Box's integrated media server - for example with the VLC player or the FRITZ!App TV. With FRITZ!OS 7 the FRITZ!Box also allocates an additional SAT>IP server that makes the channels available directly on SAT>IP-compatible TV sets that support the standard.

What's more: With FRITZ!OS 7, the FRITZ!WLAN Repeater DVB-C also supports the convenience of SAT>IP.

How do I set it all up? It's easy...

Right now all SAT>IP-compatible TV sets from Panasonic and Loewe support the technology (most current models). To use SAT>IP all you need to do is select the FRITZ!Box using the TV's remote control.

Complete convenience - even with other devices

As the FRITZ!Box has four integrated TV tuners for the DVB-C signal, you can use up to four TV streams simultaneously. This means it's possible to record multiple programms at the same time and watch them on multiple devices. Electronic program guides (EPG) and Teletext are also available for every SAT>IP client, if you would like to use these features.