MyFRITZ!: secure access to your data anytime, anywhere


Access your data from anywhere with the MyFRITZ!App

With the MyFRITZ! service AVM grants you secure access to your data. The contents saved at home can be used even when you're at work or visiting friends. You can also use it to switch connected smart home devices.

Keep track of calls

With MyFRITZ!, you can access your home FRITZ!Box over the Internet. Even when you’re out and about, you can find out who’s called home on the landline or left a voice message. Thanks to MyFRITZ!, you’ll never miss another message.

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Access to all documents and media files

Whether images, music, video, or other files – MyFRITZ! enables you to access both the internal FRITZ!Box memory and connected USB storage devices.

Switch Smart Home appliances on/off

You can even switch devices connected to the FRITZ!DECT 200 or FRITZ!Powerline 546E on or off when you’re not at home. This allows you to check at any time whether a device is on or off and, if necessary, take action.

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Stay informed of calls and message

Use MyFRITZ! to check whether or not you’ve missed a call to your home landline. What’s more, you can even listen to messages left on your answering machine when not at home.

Secure access

The encrypted HTTPS protocol is used whenever you access Your password is never transmitted in plain text, giving you increased peace of mind.

The dream team for mobile data access

All current FRITZ!Box models support MyFRITZ! Enjoy the freedom afforded by remote data access.

The DSL, cable, and LTE hub: Internet, home networking, and telephony – all in one device.

MyFRITZ!App for iOS and Android gives you remote access to your FRITZ!Box. Retrieve FRITZ!NAS content or operate Smart Home appliances even when you’re out and about.


MyFRITZ!App for iOS

MyFRITZ!App for Android