Enjoy music via wireless speakers

FRITZ!Box is the perfect partner for listening to music this way: It establishes a stable, powerful wireless network and takes care of transporting the data to your speakers. If the distances to be bridged are particularly great, for instance across several stories, FRITZ!WLAN Repeaters or FRITZ!Powerline provide for the best connections. The Knowledge Base presents simple instructions on how to connect a wireless speaker with your FRITZ!Box.

Music fans who want the flexibility of being able to hear their songs in different rooms often choose wireless speakers or so-called multiroom systems. The advantages are obvious: With multiroom systems, the music you want to hear—be it from an Internet service like Spotify or YouTube or from your music library—can be set to follow you from room to room. And for this not a single cable has to be laid. Controlling playback is easy with an app on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Music in all its diversity

Do you use an Internet streaming service like SoundCloud, Spotify or TuneIn? Then enjoy them flexibly in all your rooms! With suitable speakers you can even listen to your music on the patio or in the garden. A variety of web radio stations can also be selected.

FRITZ!Box with its own NAS function

Or access the music library you've collected with such care. This library can be saved on your smartphone, tablet or PC, or the data are on the USB storage medium attached to your FRITZ!Box. Thanks to the NAS function (Network Attached Storage) of the FRITZ!Box, this music can also be streamed anywhere in your home—with playback controlled conveniently via smartphone or FRITZ!Fon. Here you can view details on FRITZ!NAS.