Smartphone and more: Surfing at home over wireless LAN

Surf in your own home network via the FRITZ!Box using your smartphone. Thanks to the active wireless LAN connection you can benefit from increased speed and do not use any of the volume on your mobile telephone contract. Your mobile device is protected by the encryption of the FRITZ!Box just like any notebook or computer, so that it is no problem to combine the advantages of mobile surfing with those of your own network.

Enable and get started

When you integrate your smartphone or tablet into your home network through WiFi, the device will automatically prioritize this connection. This means you do not have to configure any other settings, but simply continue surfing. Open the browser and load websites, stream videos or exchange views with friends in social networks.

No limit to surfing

If you have a flat rate at home, it applies, of course, to all of the mobile devices registered over wireless LAN. This means you do not use up any valuable data volume at home, but keep it available for times when you're away from home and have to use the mobile telephone network. What is more, you also surf faster: The maximum data transmission rate is also oriented on your DSL package, not your cell phone contract.

Establish a connection over wireless LAN

The first time you establish a wireless LAN connection between the smartphone and the home network, you must configure the connection. First you have to switch on the wireless LAN function on the device itself: To do this, navigate through the connection settings of the iPhone or Android smartphone and enable the appropriate Wi-Fi or wireless option. Next, select your home network from a list of available wireless networks and confirm the connection by entering the network key. This key is printed on the base of your FRITZ!Box.

Connected at the press of a button

These steps are only required for the first registration. Once you have registered the network and its security key in your smartphone, simply enabling the WiFi function on your mobile telephone will suffice. Whenever the smartphone is within range of the FRITZ!Box, the connection will be established automatically. Now you have made all the provisions required to surf at home using your mobile device in the home network.

Scan for hotspots on the go

When you leave your wireless LAN reception area at home, your smartphone will automatically switch to mobile data transmission. A glance at the display will tell you whether Wi-Fi hotspots are available at your new location. These days Wi-Fi hotspots seem to be standard conveniences at hotels, train stations, and even in many public locations. Here is how to use wireless LAN outside the public network.