Intelligent switching

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As the hub of your home network, the FRITZ!Box is busy around the clock. In combination with the smart FRITZ!DECT 200 and FRITZ!Powerline 546E it is convenient to switch appliances on and off automatically.

Automatic switching

Should the desk lamp switch on and off randomly while you're off on vacation? Would you like your coffee machine to start as you roll over once more in the morning? Thanks to Smart Home, that's a piece of cake.

Switch from anywhere: from the web or an app

If you would like to switch a device at home on or off at short notice, configure MyFRITZ!. This will let you access your FRITZ!Box at any time to make the desired settings. Or you can use the MyFRITZ!App on your mobile devices.

Scheduled switching

For instance, you can set your coffee machine to start at 7:00 am on weekdays, but not until 9:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. Or water your garden and set a countdown time after which the sprinklers will be turned off.

Practical for vacation

What many people do by laboriously setting timers: Random switching for longer absences from the home. With the smart plugs from AVM it is convenient to set the duration of your trip and the intervals at which your lighting should be randomly switched on and off. And group switching synchronizes the operation of multiple appliances.

Switch at sunrise/sunset

You can even use the time of sunrise and sunset to define switching points. With the integrated "Sunrise/Sunset" function you can automatically set your devices to switch at these times.

From the Google calendar

Just enter "ON" as an appointment in your Google calendar when you're away from home. The smart FRITZ! products at your home will switch on the connected device at the specified time. The calendar entry "OFF" works the same way.

Step-by-step instructions

Concrete instructions about how to connect FRITZ!DECT 200 and FRITZ!Powerline 546E with your FRITZ!Box, and which Smart Home settings can be configured, are presented on the relevant Service pages.

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