Wireless LAN: What you need to know

Wireless LAN as a practical alternative to cable

Instead of connecting every computer in the network with the FRITZ!Box via LAN, you can also configure wireless data exchange and position your device in a central location. Besides getting rid of cable, you can also benefit from additional functions: Access multiple addresses in the home network concurrently and stream media files to various devices in the reception area via wireless LAN.

No more messy cables

Configuring a wireless connection to the FRITZ!Box means that you are no longer restricted to one location, but can move anywhere around your home. You can benefit from WiFi, not only for surfing with your notebook, but can also connect mobile terminal equipment like smartphones and tablets with the home network, quickly, easily and securely. LAN cables strewn around the home thus become a thing of the past.

New standards with maximum quality

In order to be able to transmit larger files wirelessly without delays, the FRITZ!Boxes support the latest wireless standards. The FRITZ!Box 7490 already works with new Wireless AC, a technology that allows transmission rates of up to 1300 Mbit/s, up to three times faster than its predecessor Wireless N.

More information on wireless LAN

If you want to know how to establish a wireless LAN connection on your FRITZ!Box, detailed instructions are presented at this link. For more comprehensive information about secure installation of a wireless network, see our guide on the subject. We deal with the important subject of network keys in a separate text, which explains how to select the securest network key possible. This article is available here.