How to stay safe on wireless networks

Using wireless LAN securely

Wireless LAN is the transmission standard in the home network, and is more convenient than a bunch of cables or wires. We've put together a few tips and tricks to help you enjoy this freedom with a sense of security.

1. Wireless access via a network key

When you start operation of your FRITZ!Box for the first time, an encrypted wireless LAN connection is already enabled. The SSID – the name of the network – is generally identical to the model name of the FRITZ!Box e.g. FRITZ!Box 7590. When you access this network wirelessly from a laptop or a smartphone, you will be prompted to enter a security or network key. This key is printed on the base of the FRITZ!Box or on the enclosed information sheet.

2. Change the account information

There are two ways to increase security: Firstly, you can change the name of the wireless network. Choose a name for the SSID that doesn't identify you as the operator or what it is used for (business or personal). In addition, you can also change the existing network key. Select a password of at least 20 characters. For more information on strong passwords, click here. [Link]

3. Check access to the FRITZ!Box.

The FRITZ!Box user interface can also only be opened with a password when using it for the first time. The password can be found on the enclosed information sheet. You can also change the password individually. This password should be different from the network key and known only to those users who are allowed to change settings on the FRITZ!Box.

4. Integrate other devices securely

If you want to increase the range of your wireless network, a FRITZ!Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline product is ideal. The devices are also encrypted ex works. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) standard allows these devices to be connected easily and securely to the FRITZ!Box. A touch of a button is all it usually takes. Detailed information can be found in the quick-start instructions for the respective product.

5. Switch off the WiFi when not using it

You can use the wireless LAN schedule function to turn off the whole wireless network during the night or at other times when people are not using it. Simply enter the desired period of time in the corresponding menu item on the FRITZ!Box user interface. You can also reduce the transmission power of the FRITZ!Box so that it will not transmit beyond your own home – which also reduces interference for your neighbors.

Checklist – How to increase the security of your wireless LAN

  • Change the name of your wireless network after starting up your FRITZ!box.
  • The name should not allow any conclusions to be drawn about you as the operator of the wireless network or its location
  • Assign a new network key
  • Change the password for your FRITZ!Box user interface
  • Turn off the wireless when you don't need it, for example at night