How to secure your phone calls against eavesdropping

Prevent eavesdropping

Thanks to the latest VoIP (Voice over IP) technology, you can also conduct landline calls over the Internet connection and benefit from lower costs, easier use and better voice quality. But since the same channel is used as for surfing, corresponding protective measures are required in order to prevent unauthorized access from outside.

Protecting the home network from the outside

Eavesdropping on private telephone calls in someone else's network is possible, but entails considerable technical effort. Intercepting calls is a complex process that cannot be achieved without the required expertise. You will be on the safe side if you ensure that only authorized persons have access to your network (secure network key) and you make calls only with devices registered directly with the FRITZ!Box.

Sufficient protective measures from AVM

The FRITZ!Box is equipped with technology designed to protect voice data. The telephony function of the FRITZ!Box has an integrated defense mechanism against eavesdroppers in the network, even if the potential attackers are located in the local network themselves. You are also protected if you have a DECT telephone registered with the FRITZ!Box.

Voice data isolated from the network

The FRITZ!Box also ensures that the voice data exchanged during a telephone call are sent separately, so that they do not find their way into the local network. As a result, even with direct access to a computer in the network, it is impossible to listen in on calls. With your FRITZ!Box's security precautions you can enjoy the advantages of Internet telephony.