Everything you need to know about cloud computing

Into the cloud – safe and sound!

Cloud services present a sensible alternative for all users who frequently propagate media in the web, share data with friends, or just want to perform a backup. Storage outside of one's own computer has many advantages, but must be accompanied by the requisite security. AVM has compiled a number of tips for you about how to save your data with sufficient protection.

Respect national regulations

Depending on the provider, it can happen that your data are stored in other countries – be sure to read the data protection provisions of the cloud operator and revert to German or European providers if necessary. Secure the access to your user account as well, with a password of its own. When uploading it is important to take advantage of the encryption services of the cloud operator, but also to encrypt the data yourself before transmission. In the other direction, always have your virus scanner check all downloaded files.

The secure alternative: MyFRITZ!

The best way to protect data from misuse is to not upload them to the Internet at all. But if you do not want to forgo the many advantages of a cloud, use the MyFRITZ! service instead. To do so you simply set up an access once and then establish a secure connection to your local network storage from afar using a VPN tunnel.

Responsible data handling

In contrast to conventional cloud services, MyFRITZ! does not entail any uploading to the Internet. All data are stored either on your FRITZ!Box or on the USB storage media connected with it. This makes for a kind of cloud in which no outside parties are involved. What is more, contents are not transmitted to AVM, but stored only in your home network, where they can be accessed from anywhere via a secured channel.