Comprehensive parental control


Many families have rules about how much time the children spend on the Internet. So it’s helpful when you can set your FRITZ!Box to limit the times certain users are allowed online.

Convenience for your visitors, security for you

Your visitors will enjoy being able to use the FRITZ!Box wireless guest access with their own smartphones. You can determine what applications are allowed or choose to restrict your visitor’s Internet use to surfing and e-mail.

Kinder an der Spielekonsole

A time for everything

Different users within the home have different requirements in terms of how often they want to go on the Internet and how long they want to spend online, so decide together on the time limits that apply to each user. Multiple devices, from smartphones to PlayStations, can be assigned to individual people.

Determine suitable websites

Decide which sites are suitable for your kids. FRITZ!Box helps you in this regard with a white list, which enables you to influence their Internet use. These settings can be individually configured for smartphones and other devices.

Surfen mit dem Tablet

Secure guest access

Decide for yourself what your guests can and can’t do. You might choose, for example, to allow surfing and e-mail but block applications such as file sharing. You can also block access to certain websites in the usual way.