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Reduce heating costs with FRITZ!Box and FRITZ!DECT 301

Lift your standard of living with Smart Home

Increase the convenience of your home by combining a FRITZ!Box with the FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator control so you can adjust your heating from anywhere. Your home will be warmed up nicely in the cold season exactly when you want it to be. Even after chilly nights in spring you'll find the bathroom heated to the right temperature without leaving the radiator on all night.

How to make your heating smart

Using a FRITZ!Box with DECT transmitter and a FRITZ!DECT 301 radiator control you can set your own heating cycle to save money. The smart radiator control even detects when a window is opened. It closes the valve for a previously specified period to save additional heating costs.

You can preconfigure your desired temperature and cost-saving temperature, and schedule switching for a certain time every day. Vacation switching also ensures that your home is heated upon your return. The buttons on the FRITZ!DECT 301 can be locked to prevent accidental changes to your settings. Additional options, such as a push service that informs you of important events, provide for maximum convenience.

Flexible no matter where you are

Thermostats can be controlled from anywhere with FRITZ!. So if you want to adjust the temperature settings, you can use MyFRITZ!. It'll let you access your FRITZ!Box securely at any time to modify settings.

Securely register up to 12 thermostats

The FRITZ!DECT 301 can easily be configured on the FRITZ!Box. As soon as the thermostat is attached to the radiator, you can connect it to your FRITZ!Box at the push of a button. The thermostats will be integrated safely into your home network via DECT. Depending on your needs you can register up to 12 thermostats. In order to work with FRITZ!DECT 301 your FRITZ!Box needs to have FRITZ!OS 6.83 or higher. Here you'll find a step-by-step guide to combine the devices.