Send and receive faxes

Fax mit FRITZ!Box

The FRITZ!Box is a true all-rounder! Thanks to its built-in fax function, there is no need for an additional fax machine. Not only is this practical, but it also saves you money.

Forward faxes just like e-mails

Incoming faxes are saved on the FRITZ!Box or a connected USB storage device. You can also have faxes directly forwarded to your e-mail address and even select multiple recipients.

Fax in der Benutzeroberfläche

Here’s how

1. Select “Fax” from the menu

Call up the user interface at and select “Telephony” followed by “Fax.”

2. Allocate phone number and sender ID

Having clicked on “Configure fax function,” allocate a phone number and a sender ID so that you can send faxes.

3. Select a storage location for fax documents

Select a storage location for incoming faxes. This could either be the FRITZ!Box itself or a USB stick/hard drive.


Forward faxes by e-mail

If you wish to have faxes automatically forwarded to a particular e-mail address, activate this setting by going to “Forward by e-mail” and then entering the e-mail address. You’re ready to send faxes as soon as you’ve finished.

Detailed instructions in the Knowledge Base

You can read a complete summary in our Knowledge Base. Alongside how to set up the fax function, we explain the aforementioned forwarding of incoming faxes and look at other usage scenarios for your FRITZ!Box.