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How to get the best WiFi performance

Find the best position for wireless devices

Every home has its unique conditions that affect the wireless connection. How thick are the walls and what are they made of? Other devices that transmit radio waves can also influence connection quality. Such devices include microwave ovens or Bluetooth devices. This makes it even more important to position the FRITZ!Box in the best possible place, i.e. as close to the center of the home as possible.

Position the FRITZ!Box so that it is not covered by other objects and there are as few obstacles as possible between it and the other wireless devices. Metal objects and substances containing water interfere greatly with radio waves, as do window panes with double or triple glazing.

FRITZ!App WLAN and up-to-date software

You can easily measure the signal strength in different parts of your home using the FRITZ!App WLAN for Android and iOS. You can also use the app to identify sources of interference and move your FRITZ!Box or wireless devices based on the results. Also make sure that your wireless network has its own unique name. Keep in mind that you can only enjoy the best wireless LAN with the latest WiFi software for all of your devices.

Fine tuning: optimum WiFi channel

In general, your FRITZ!Box automatically selects the optimum radio settings for the best reception quality. However, you can also manually set the WiFi channel on which other wireless networks are most unlikely to interfere with your reception. FRITZ!Box helps you by displaying your individual "Wireless Environment". You can find out how to adjust the transmitting power, WiFi channels and the name of your wireless network in this handy step-by-step guide.

Checklist for best wireless LAN:

  • Find the ideal location for the FRITZ!Box or FRITZ!Repeater
  • Install the latest driver software on FRITZ!Box and all WiFi devices
  • Avoid sources of interference such as microwave ovens and/or move them further away
  • Assign the wireless network a unique name

Additional wireless LAN boosters:

  • Set the maximum transmitting power in the FRITZ!Box
  • Select the best wireless channel
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