How to use device blocking

Device blocking is a new feature in FRITZ!OS 7.20. You can now turn Internet access on and off for selected devices in your home network with one click. This guide gives tips on how you might use this new feature and explains what you should be aware of.

What's it for? The device block feature gives you control over Internet connectivity, meaning you decide which devices can and cannot use the Internet at any given time. And it's so easy – a click of the mouse is all it takes.

Block devices when on a video call

Do you want your media player to play music and videos from the FRITZ!Box media server, but not access the Internet? Or do you want to temporarily disconnect an otherwise bandwidth-hungry device from the Internet so that, for example, an important video call while working from home runs smoothly? Or do you have another device that should only be active in your home network, but not on the Internet? Nevertheless, you'd still like to install an update on your device?

These, and more, scenarios show that there are many cases where you want to have control over whether a device is allowed to access the Internet or not: device locking is the answer.

Using the device block feature

You can access the device lock feature in the FRITZ!Box user interface under Internet > Filter. Here you can see a table with devices that are registered with the FRITZ!Box. When you click on or tap "Lock", the device will no longer has access to the Internet. You'll still be able to access other devices in the local home network. To unblock a device, simply click on or tap "Unblock".

With the MyFRITZ! service or MyFRITZ!App, you always have device locking at hand, even when you're not at home or in front of a computer.

Control your Internet access

Do you want to disconnect devices from the Internet temporarily or at certain times of the day/night? Or should certain users have time-limited access to the Internet? FRITZ!Box can do this too. A separate guide article explains in more detail how it all works.

By the way: If you use a blocked device go to the page in a browser, you'll be able to see what restrictions or schedules the device has set up.