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High-speed Wireless AC

Benefit from Wireless AC

Take advantage of fast wireless LAN with the AC standard. The majority of FRITZ! products with wireless LAN, such as the FRITZ!Box 7590, use this technology, giving you far higher speeds while boosting the range of your wireless network.

Ultra-fast connections at triple the speed

The Wireless AC standard provides for considerably higher speeds in your wireless network than did Wireless N. Wireless AC achieves gross data rates of up to 1300 Mbit/s – three times faster than with the previous standard.

Excellent range with a strong wireless signal

Are there a couple of spots in your home with weak WiFi? Maybe coverage doesn’t extend down to the basement or into the garden? The good news is that FRITZ! products with Wireless AC technology offer unbeatable throughput rates even over greater distances.

Ideal for large amounts of data

Be it large HD videos or even a whole music library, Wireless AC is ideal for large amounts of data. Thanks to increased bandwidth, your data can be transferred at exceptionally high speeds and there is plenty of capacity for integrating multiple devices into your home network.

Everybody needs good neighbors

In cities in particular, yours is not the only wireless network. Wireless AC supports an increased number of wireless channels, meaning it may be easier to avoid neighboring networks, giving both you and the people next door more stable wireless LAN.

Fully compatible with older wireless standards

Even if you’re using older wireless devices, it will still be business as usual. Thanks to a second integrated wireless module, all wireless-enabled devices can be optimally integrated into the network, with the FRITZ!Box 7590 automatically selecting the best available frequency band for maximum connection speed.

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