FRITZ!Box and the Gaming PC

FRITZ!Box and the Gaming PC – Set Up the Connection and Get Started

The last part of our configuration series for the best gaming deals with the PC. The computer must, of course, also be connected with the FRITZ!Box and integrated in the home network in order to use the multiplayer function, be it for more than two players in the network or for online gaming. The basic configuration of the FRITZ!Box for gaming is no different from the configuration for "normal" use. But for the sake of completeness, here we include – as for the consoles – a brief summary of the setup procedure.

Fast and Simple: LAN Cable

As for the consoles, the fastest and easiest way to configure an existing network connection is by using the LAN cable. Insert one end in the LAN port of your computer and the other in the FRITZ!Box. Now the connection is configured and you can start playing.

The Alternative: Wireless LAN

Most notebooks are equipped with a wireless LAN module for the wireless transmission of data in the home network. If you have a model without wireless LAN, you can either connect with the LAN cable instead or use a FRITZ!WLAN Stick. If your desktop PC does not have wireless LAN on board, it requires a wireless LAN card including an antenna, or, here again, a FRITZ!WLAN Stick. Assistance in configuring the additional hardware is presented in the manual or can be obtained from the manufacturer of the given product. For instructions on how to configure the FRITZ!WLAN Stick AC 430 on your computer, click here.

Configuring Wireless LAN in a Few Clicks

If you have made the necessary preparations, a configured wireless LAN connection is just a few clicks away. The Network Overview shows you all of the wireless networks found at your location. Select the network of your FRITZ!Box, enter your network key when prompted to do so, and you're off!